Getting started with Homepages Friends.

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1. Get Registered!

When you first visit Homepages Friends you'll be taken to the registration page and asked to supply a few details as seen below.

Register at Homepages Friends

As you can see you only need to provide a name, an email address and your country of residence to register which is great because the quicker you're registered the quicker you can get paid to search.
You can provide all your payment details later once you've earned some cash!

» Your Name: Probably best not to use your real name here as this username can be seen publicly. Use a nick or make something up. We used Head the Web. See our paid search page Yours will be exactly the same once registered only HEAD the WEB will be replaced to show your username.

» Your Country: Select your country. Select the right country because it affects the way your paid. If you make a mistake don't worry, you can change it later.

» Your Email Address: A copy of your login details will be sent here so make sure you can access the email address you register with.

» I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions: View the Homepages Friends Terms and Conditions then select the check box to show you agree, standard stuff.

Thats all the details you need to provide at this stage.
Once you click the >Step Two link you'll be taken straight to your admin page which we'll walk you through on the next page.

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