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An Introduction to Homepages Friends

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Quick Start Guide (cont. from Page 1)

What's involved then?

Update: The section below is a brief introduction to the sign up process. A more detailed guide is also available.
Getting Started with Homepages Friends

1. Sign up

To start with you need to provide a username (this will be the name of your search) an email and your country of residence. Then tick the box confirming you've read the Terms and Conditions then click the >step 2 link. At this point an email is sent with your login details.

2. Set your home page.

After joining you'll be taken to the administration section.
About half way down this page is the "Set your home page" section.

Look for the bit where it says "You can go to this URL from any computer". Click the link directly below.

This is your new search page. This is the page you should always use so you get paid for searching the Web. Now is a good time to make this your browsers home page, or add it as a favourite and name it SEARCH or something similar.

Now try a Web search. Use the Yahoo! search box part way down the page. Enter your search term then hit the search button.


You've just been Paid for Searching the Web!

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